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Aequi Flex

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Meet the new Push med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex featuring an optimised fit, Aequi stability and supreme comfort.

Replacing the original Aequi Flex in our range, this innovative update is available alongside the Push ortho Aequi, so offering doctors a choice of treatment options.

With the launch of the new Aequi Flex, we are entering a new era for the Aequi range – a favourite with the medical profession since its launch in 1998.

Aequi concept in a new form

The Aequi concept, with its medial shell and mediolateral anchor strap has been a great success for many years. Now the new Push Aequi Flex takes the original supportive-yet-comfortable concept and enhances it in a new and innovative way. We call it the Flex-protect system.

The medial reinforcement is redesigned, featuring a shell that is rigid in the centre with increased flexibility towards the edges. The shell encloses the lower leg, ankle and heel and has a recess for the malleolus.

At the front, the brace’s diagonal strap system anchors the foot in the shell. The closed loop of shell and strap offers inversion control and compression at the same time.


The new Flex-protect shell offers stability and flexibility in one. A Push design using sophisticated 3D techniques, the shell has a rigid core that is shaped to allow plantar flexion. Employing varying layers of soft and hard materials, the shell becomes increasingly flexible towards the edges so it conforms beautifully to the anatomy of every user.

strap system

A second innovation resulted in the strap system, combining the diagonal strap with an extra element of compression at the lateral side of the ankle.

At the front, the brace’s diagonal strap system anchors the foot in the shell. The strap consists of an elastic and a non-elastic part, which are integrated in a low volume surface, offering inversion stability and compression at the same time.

This completes the Flex-protect innovation: solid protection and flexibility for comfort.


Stabilisation of the ankle is completed by compressive straps. Push Aequi Flex offers well-distributed compression to the foot and ankle, with two figure-of-8 elastic straps. According to the needs of the patient, you can adjust the compression by tightening or slackening the elastic straps. The silicone lining ensures a solid closure, which remains in place throughout the day.

  • Acute lateral ankle sprain
  • Follow-up treatment of ankle fractures treated conservatively or surgically
  • Moderate to severe instability
  • Moderate to severe osteoarthritis
  • Secondary prevention of ankle sprain


By employing the Push Aequi Flex ankle brace as part of a treatment plan, a patient can achieve full weight-bearing at an early stage while being able to count on optimal stability.

This stability has been proven in tests of the new Push Aequi Flex versus the leading alternatives. An advanced testing system, designed by the Fraunhofer Institute*, indicated that, despite the added comfort, the degree of actual physical stabilisation offered by the new Aequi Flex matches that of its predecessor. For stability, Aequi remains the state-of-the-art ankle bracing. But now with even more comfort.

* A novel method for functional testing of ankle braces based on a modified prosthetic foot testing machine – updated, Department Biomechatronic Systems, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany

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This study, executed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, demonstrates a new device to test the potential stabilizing value of different ankle orthoses. In this test, the new Push Aequi Flex shows the highest stability effect for inversion movements, compared with five state-of-the-art ankle braces.

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