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Push med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex

Push med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex is an innovative ankle brace with an optimised fit. According to advanced tests*, it also offers the best possible stability. This brace is very comfortable and fits easily in a shoe. It is therefore suitable both in functional treatment as for long-term use.

The Aequi concept, with its medial shell and diagonal anchor strap, has been a great success for many years. The design of the new Push Aequi Flex is an innovation based on the original concept of a balance between support and comfort.

We have named the innovation in the brace the ‘Flex-Protect’. The medial shell is rigid in the centre, but is soft around the foot and towards the edges. At the front, the strap anchors the foot in the shell. The strap consists of an elastic and a non-elastic part, which are integrated in a closure with a low profile. In combination with the shell in the shoe, this strap prevents re-sprain. At the same time the brace ensures evenly distributed compression around a painful ankle. This completes the Flex-protect innovation: solid protection and flexibility for comfort.

* A novel method for functional testing of ankle braces based on a modified prosthetic foot testing machine – updated, Department Biomechatronic Systems, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany
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> Indications

  • Acute lateral ankle sprain
  • Follow-up treatment of ankle fractures treated conservatively or surgically
  • Moderate to severe instability
  • Moderate to severe osteoarthritis
  • Secondary prevention of ankle sprain

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