KNGU and Nea International extend cooperation for Olympic Games in 2020

Feb 17, 2017

During the training for the selection process for the men's gymnastics squad on February 17th, Nea International and the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Association (KNGU) have extended their cooperative working partnership for the whole Olympic cycle, up to 2020.

Nea International and the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Association have been working together for quite some time and an agreement has now been put in place that will extend this for a number of years. Nea International remains the Official Supplier for all medical and sport braces for the KNGU.

There is close cooperation involving top athletes, coaches, paramedical professionals and sports doctors. A system involving numerous evaluation sessions between the supplier and the team of top athletes and their (medical) advisers, works towards achieving optimum performance.

"We gain valuable information from each session with these athletes in the top sport programmes of the KNGU. They know, better than anyone else, what is needed to perform at the top level, says Raymond Wolfs of Nea International. We are delighted that we have been able to sign an agreement with the KNGU again".

Roel Bron, Programme Coordinator for Men's Gymnastics, signed on behalf of the KNGU. "With this long-term cooperation which we have entered into again for the whole Olympic cycle, we can be assured of excellent support for our top sport programmes".

Niels Hagen, sports physiotherapist for the Men's National Gymnastics Team: "I have been working for a long time with the braces supplied by Nea International and am really happy with them. The gymnasts from the national team also provide me with positive feedback. I am glad that the KNGU has entered into an arrangement with Nea International for the up-coming Olympic cycle".

The Royal Dutch Gymnastics Association has started a new Olympic cycle after the successful Olympic Games in Rio, and is preparing for 2020 games in Tokyo. The first major event was the European Gymnastic Championship that ran from 18 to 23 April in Cluj Napoca (Romania). They were well prepared for the European Championship.

You can read the article on the KNGU website (Dutch only)