Nea all around the world

Oct 26, 2018

As well as finding new markets, we also think that it is vital to involve ourselves with our existing distributors. To this end, you can regularly find us all over the world, going out to meet our customers. 

As part of this policy, we recently visited Nikamed in Russia for sales and a product training. Also Uller Medical in Mexico and SMEDICO in Switzerland received product training on location. We also visited our distributors in France, Spain, the Czech republic, Italy, Finland, the United States, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. We also regularly have customers visiting from several countries.

We are always happy to meet our customers in convivial circumstances and to hear how things are going for them. In this way, we maintain strong bonds with our distributors and learn about developments in the local markets. We are also keen to visit our distributor's customers. In this way we experience how our products are used and we keep involved with the performance of our brands in several markets.