International Ankle Symposium

Sep 23, 2019

International Ankle SymposiumThe International Ankle Symposium will take place in Amsterdam on 3 and 4 October (Hotel CASA).  Two days of science, hands-on workshops and prominent speakers; all ankle-related. Push braces will be presented at the two-day symposium, as well as the entire selection of ankle braces from the Push and Push Sports product range.  We will also be organising a workshop in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Gino Kerkhoffs (Head of Department Orthopaedics Amsterdam UMC) about the conservative treatment of ankle sprains, followed by a Q&A session on this topic. This workshop is open to 30 participants only. Moreover, we will welcome the Italian distributor of Push and Push Sports braces (Eumedica), who will be visiting the International Ankle Symposium and attending the workshop together with orthopaedic doctors from Italy.