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> Elite sports survey results

Dec 17, 2019
elite-sports-survey-resultsWe have been providing top athletes with products from the outset. In doing so we are supporting these ambitious athletes whilst simultaneously raising the bar to an exceptionally high level in terms of our products. The results of the elite sports survey were recently published. During this survey elite athletes were asked to what degree they utilise the proffered products as a resource in supporting their elite sports training. They were also asked to rate Push braces. In 2015 6% of elite athletes used Push braces and they rated them with a score of 3.7 (maximum score = 5). In 2019 a staggering 18% of the respondents used our braces, and the average rating increased to 3.9. Meanwhile, we have enjoyed an immensely pleasant partnership for over seven years now with the medical staff of NOC*NSF, and accordingly, we are very proud of the fantastic results of this survey!
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