Push Aequi continues to hold its own

Dec 17, 2019

aequi-testA recently published research study endorsed our Push Aequi ankle brace’s functionality. Twenty years on from initial comparative tests, within a biomechanical context, it is proven that the Push Aequi remains the best design in its category among current ankle braces on the market.  New state of the art test equipment has been developed by the institute to assess the orthoses’ resistance to inversion movement. 

In this study the Push Aequi was tested in comparison with the main current alternatives on the market. The comparative tests clearly prove the Push Aequi to be the most stable brace. Experience shows that its minimalist and meticulous wearer comfort design result in a high degree of therapy trust among patients. As such, the Push Aequi once again proves itself to be a highly reliable ankle orthosis.