Push celebrates its anniversary year!

Sep 27, 2021

1985 was a special year. The Macintosh company, near Maastricht, was asked to help devise a solution and work on the development of what was to become the Push ankle brace. The ‘instigators’ worked at the Academic Hospital Maastricht and had their eye on the Coumans taping technique. The hospital’s medical knowledge, Coumans’ passion for the functional treatment of joint injuries and Macintosh’s expertise in materials and manufacturing techniques were brought together to form a ‘start-up’ before the term was even coined. One year later, there was a breakthrough and Nea International was founded in 1986. We were on our way!

Today, 35 years later, Nea is a fully fledged and experienced company. A thriving company that we are proud of. Over the past 35 years, and still today, our products have helped patients and athletes all over the world. Our strong belief in innovation, a high level of quality and partners we can rely on created a solid basis for continuity. We are very grateful for that!

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