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Inflammation of the Elbow Bursa

A joint bursa is a sac containing fluid that prevents friction and acts as a shock absorber. When the bursa is inflamed, it produces excess fluid and becomes swollen, causing bursitis. At the elbow, the swelling occurs on the back side of the joint at the olecranon.


The bursa acts as a cushion between the bones and the surrounding tendons and muscles and it is often difficult to determine exactly which structure is inflamed. Symptoms of olecranon bursitis include pain, swelling, warmth, and difficulty extending or flexing the arm.


Rest is important for effective treatment of inflammation and a brace relieves the load on the joint, offering rest to the tissues. Physiotherapy can also reduce the symptoms with strength and flexibility exercises.


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Inflammation of the Elbow Bursa
Image 1: Elbow bursitis